Motorhead Motorizer

Ben Penhall is unloading a huge American-made motorhome off a low-loader. Soon this gold processing plant mobile will be converted from right-hand drive to left-hand, and this modern motoring change agent is one of Stuart Town’s hidden treasures.

His impeccably clean garage sits atop sweeping views of the country near Stuart Town on the way to Orange. From here you can see rolling tablelands and sheep scattered through the country, which can be unforgiving, and cattle behind him. So it’s unusual there’s an engine of dreams nearby.

“He spends hours in that garage, he’s very dedicated and a very smart man,” his wife Pam his wife said.

Orange-born and bred, but now a vibrant part of Wellington with a successful business with Home and Office Furniture in the main street, the pair have forged a great success story not known to many.

Our visit is well timed. The big US motorhome, to be converted to Australia’s driving style, has just arrived with another almost finished.

In the garage is every motoring man’s dream; a yellow mustang, a current model and eye catching. Ben mobile sand making machine india has worked on this to turn it into a magical car for Aussie conditions.

Its pride of place for a man with links to Australian motor racing history.

“I drove in the touring cars for eight years and drove at Bathurst in 1977 in a Rotary Mazda RX3 and finished in a place,” Mr Penhall said.

“Then I managed our team for two more years. Allan Moffat won the year I was driving in the great race.”

The heydays of motor racing was in the 70s at Bathurst; Brock and Moffat kept the sport in the headlines with a rivalry that sports lovers still recall.

These days development work for conversion is what this man does and some of the best come to him from across the world to harness his knowledge.

He began as a mechanic at 19, learned the coal mobile crusher business and owned the Mazda and Chrysler shops in Orange and two service stations. He has had the Home and Office store for four years.

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