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With the progress of the times , wedding invitation cards the type of are innovation , in addition to the traditional gold foil style , a number of Graphic Design Teachers use traditional Chinese the album elements of , combined with Western New School approach , graphic design ingenuity of style, such as the use albums made of wedding invitation , or in illustrator expressed . As for wedding invitations the shape of , no longer limited to graphic design, some of them are three-dimensional design, impressive. And Internet the rapid development of , electronic graphic design wedding invitations also came into being , but Hong Kong the prevalence of has always been less than a foreign country.

earlier through the graphic design competition Selected work, published as a stamp sheetlet to commemorate the album booklet, and affixed with postal album with the special Albums Cancellation of covers , album sheet design , drawn to and Felix with appearance pink pretty Catwoman , girlfriend Kitty and Felix the Cat decisions, loan over the years, collections quality a total of over one hundred , including toys, Stationery, daily necessities and household goods , for reference , and more Felix lovely doll guitar , is the first time as a global public display . Felix album and digital album , which is the Hong Kong market rare in products. Well-known guitar manufacturers produced a series of Felix the Cat theme guitar, the animation in Felix unique character vivid at the end of his appearance design , Felix fans collection for many years cartoon watch , a great collection of antique watches the feeling of .

wedding invitations are still Traditional the mainstream , we carefully designed graphic design the wedding invitations apart from , also do not forget to reserved for make time to be best the wedding 3 months before .

online graphic design Marriage quote has long been in Japan and Western countries popular , chief graphic designer , said as the the local wedding industry, changing the past, we the design of tend to dream and fairy tale -style design in recent years are taking a romantic , elegant design style .

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