Lemmy’s Rickenbacker Bass

by LemmyFans on June 14, 2012

Lemmy's Rickenbacker BassIf you have been searching on Google for Lemmy Rickenbacker Bass then you have probably come up with all kinds of different search results, some of which may be perfect but some of which may be totally irrelevant or not up to scratch.

Of course there are some great resources out there on the internet that are updated regularly and will keep you up to date with all the latest innovations, news and deals and information that you need.

You’ll find lots of news about Lemmy on the internet but some of it is outdated or irrelevant while other sources seem to be rather vague or uninformed.  Of course, if you are a Motorhead fan then you’ll want to know all the latest and be craving for any bit of information, any new tour dates or anything that you can find and therefore you are best using a dedicated resource that really has their finger on the pulse and can keep you updated from their own sources, rather than many sources that simply pull their information from various other websites, therefore often getting information wrong or assembling a load of half truths in to some mish mash of an article that makes no real sense.

Lemmy’s Rickenbacker bass is a niche interest but there are still thousands and thousands of you out there all Googling it every single month and so the legend will certainly be living on for quite some time to come!

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