Lemmy Halloween Costume

by LemmyFans on October 22, 2011

lemmy halloween costume

You can do better than this!

Look like Lemmy for Halloween – it’s gotta be done, better than the guy (?) in this picture, I hope 🙂 – here is what you need:

    1. The Facial Furniture – best to stop shaving today and grow some, shave it into shape the day of the party  – if this is not possible,  you could try the ‘burnt cork’ moustache trick
    2. A Cowboy Hat
 – get one here
    3. Long black hair, if you haven’t already, get a wig, there’s loads of them in the ‘pound shops’ in town
    4. Warts
 – use your imagination – PVA glue is always handy, don’t use Araldite or SuperGlue!
    5. Bullet belt
, you can get all that stuff here
    6. Tattoos
, don’t go too extreme for one day
    7. Iron Cross/Civil War/Biker accessories (from Ebay – Click Here)
    8. Black shirt/jeans/denim vest
    9. Rickenbacker bass guitar – mmm not for a party, they are way to precious.
    10. High microphone – as above
    11. Cigarette
    12. Sunglasses
    13. Jack Daniel’s whiskey

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