Are the campervan tickets sold out for Download 2013?

by LemmyFans on March 28, 2013

Download 2013The short answer is yes they are 🙁 – the long answer is that you might be able to still get some from someone on Ebay. I was looking for some the other day and one guys ad went something like:

“I bought these tickets in Nov 12, unfortunately due to family commitments I am no longer able to attend. A camper van pass is included with the tickets. This entitles the holder and anyone else with the holder (up to a max of 6 I think) who possesses a camping ticket, access to the camper van campsite close to the entrance to the venue. The camper van site is a fenced area with its own security. There is access to exclusive hot showers and toilets and you are seperate from the rest of the campers.It is a much cleaner, more civilised area. Showers and toilets are cleaned daily. Camper Van area tickets have sold out for 2013, they are very limited when sold to ensure the area is not crowded.”

These tickets actually sold for a £620 price (with a face value of £490) this is a bit hefty, but if you want the luxury of staying in a campervan it might be worth it. The Ebay bloke went on to say:

“On arrival you are allocated a plot where you can park your vehicle and also pitch a tent if necessary, there is plenty of room to have BBQ’s etc and there is the security of being able to lock all of your stuff in your vehicle. You can also come and go from the site as you please in your vehicle.  I was in the camper van park in 2012 and it was so nice to get back to a hot, clean shower at the end of each day, there is no overcrowding and security will only let pass holders enter at any time .

I don’t yet have the tickets in hand, they are usually sent out around 3 to 4 weeks before the event. I can show screen shots of the ticketmaster confirmation if required and will post the tickets recorded delivery the day that I recieve them.

Download 2013 has 3 massive headliners along with Stone Sour, BFMV, Limp Bizkit, QOTSA and 30Secs to Mars – oh yeah Motorhead too.

If you interested in taking a campervan to Download 2013, have a look at this page here: Motorhome Hire for Download 2013

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